Jeff Schroeder

With a wave reality shows hitting the air I thought why not take a look back at some of the past casts from hit reality shows. First up, CBS hit series Big Brother. This series hit the air in 2000 and showed us what it was like to be isolated from all modern technology like tv, radio, internet, computers and telephones. The cast would remain locked away for 90 days and with 24 hours a day camera surveillance we would see every and anything. Overall 143 different people have entered the Big Brother house and is currently the longest running format of the show, running slightly longer than its British format. This week I will feature some of the past cast members of the show.

First up, Jeff Schroeder Season 11.  Jeff is a guy’s guy who loves to be outdoors and play sports. He especially likes competitive football, which he played in college. To date, the accomplishment Jeff from “Big Brother 11” is most proud of is playing running back for Benedictine University.

Jeff entered the BB11 house as a single advertising salesman who hoped to one day to find his perfect mate and was looking for someone who was fun, beautiful and looked great just hanging around the house. He shared a “showmance” with one of his fellow houseguest and Winner of BB11, Jordan Loyd. Both Jordan and Jeff went on to be cast in Amazing Race 16.
Just months ago, Jeff finished a challenge to travel all the way around the world for free. He spent 103 days traveling through 13 countries accepting the gracious hospitality of strangers to survive. This only goes to show you how much will and determination the man has, and how big of a heart he has as well.

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One Comment on “Jeff Schroeder”

  1. Jane
    February 7, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    What a guy. Even a hockey player from Canada picked Jeff as his man crush and without hesitation! I think Jeff is the kind of man every man would love to be. He is extremely well liked, a perfect gentleman, especially to Jordan and all his many, many fans. I sure miss him and hope he gets something so we can go gaga all over again. LOL

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