Role Model: Will Lemay

Born to black and white parents in Ottawa, Canada, Will recalls moving around a lot as a child – nearly every three years. He started modeling by walking into a modeling school in Ottawa. The modeling classes that Will took got him absolutely nowhere, and later he realized it’s nothing but a scam. He then went to Toronto (the biggest city in Canada) to try to become a model. Will was soon discovered by a placement agent on the street. From there, he won the local modeling competition, was signed by a local modeling agency and become well-known to the fashion industry in Toronto.

The small market in Toronto wasn’t enough to establish any kind of top model status, so that Will went on to New York with two other guys to test his luck with the main stream high fashion. He encountered a series of rejections until he met Steven Wilkins, a booker at Ford Models.

After signing with Ford, Will was still unable to get any bookings. Luck finally struck when he received the phone call to open the John Bartlett show. On the following, Will had a few more modeling gigs in editorials, ad campaigns and catalogues. But all the work that Ford got for Will still couldn’t get him out of debt. Therefore, Will took a chance on Boss Models. It was that move that really re-established Will at a different level in the fashion industry.

Will considers himself as the rapper of the fashion world. Coming from the whole black/white thing, he has got the best of both worlds. “It’s not really about seeing those colors, it’s about being down and if you’re not cool with people you should just learn about the culture, not look at it so much about the color.”

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