Man Crush of the Year: Round Two

Well round one voting is closed and we have a tie! Cam Gigadnet and Sean Sullivan.  Running a close second was Kellan Lutz, with only one vote separating him from the semi- finalists. Not to worry he still has a chance as one of three wild card slots in the final round. Onto phase two. Check out the studs below and don’t forget to cast your votes! Voting ends Wednesday Dec 14th when Round 3 begins. See who made the list below.

Alex O’ Laughlin

Known for: Actor/Hawaii Five-O
Original Post:  May 11, 2011
Why Choose Him:  His tough cop routine in Hawaii Five-O makes me want to go out and get arrested.

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Daddy Yankee

Known for: Rapper
Original Post:  May 08, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Only he could make a song about Gasoline sound so hot.

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Colin Egglesfield

Known for: Actor/ Something Borrowed
Original Post: May 08, 2011
Why Choose Him:  He is the only thing that i really remember from the movie “Something Borrowed”.

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Ivan Scannell

Known for: Model
Original Post:  May 27, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Crowned Mr.  Supermodel Australia

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James Ellis

Known for: Model
Original Post:  May 12, 2011
Why Choose Him:  A little hard work and determination gets you a physique like his.

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Jason Statham

Known for: Actor/
Original Post:  May 02, 2011
Why Choose Him:  He is one sexy action hero. Check out the Transporter Trilogy and you will feel the heat he brings in each movie.

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Joel Rush

Known for: Model/Reality contestant on True Beauty
Original Post:  June 17, 2011
Why Choose Him:  I have to be honest, his inner beauty matches the outer, who cares he’s hot, hot, hot!

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Matt Schiermeier

Known for: Model
Original Post:  June 1, 2011
Why Choose Him:  The poster child of how living with HIV is not the end all be all.

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Nick Pesola

Known for: Model
Original Post: May 28, 2011
Why Choose Him:  This sexy beast has an ass you can bounce a quarter off of.

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Jessie Pavelka

Known for: Model/ Actor
Original Post:  June 08, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Life coach and hottie.

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Richie Nuzzolese

Known for: Model
Original Post:  June 28, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Check out Katy Perry’s Friday Night video.

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Mehcad Brooks

Known for: Model/Actor Desperate Housewives
Original Post:  May 2, 2011
Why Choose Him:  He can be seen on recent Calvin Klein billboards.

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Sean Avery

Known for: Hockey Player
Original Post:  May 23, 2011
Why Choose Him:  An advocate for gay rights. We all could use a straight man fighting for us.

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Mario Lopez

Known for: Model/Actor/ Host of  Extra
Original Post:  May 21, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Since his early days on Saved by the Bell, he seems to never age.

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Tony Capucci

Known for: Porn star
Original Post:  June 20, 2011
Why Choose Him:  Gay or Straight, porn has never been as worthy without him.

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