Wronged: Gabriel Aubry

I think I may have lost the ability to write, speak and function. Could I quite possibly be hearing angels singing? How could anyone let this hot piece go? Does it even matter at this point? Who am I talking about, Halle Berry’s most recent ex, and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

Aubry first entered the modeling world, after being discovered by a stylist in a nightclub, in the late 90’s, where his popularity quickly soared based on his boyish good looks. Ironically, Gabriel grew even more popular as he matured, and he is now characterized by his longer hair and designer stubble. He has appeared in modeling campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein.

Despite his success in the modeling world, where he commands rates of up to $30,000 a day, one of Aubry’s biggest claims to fame is his impregnation of Halle Berry . . . who gave birth to the couple’s 3-year-old daughter,  Nahla.

Social workers are making the recommendation following an accusation that Gabriel verbally abused and pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla. The investigation will “remain open while Gabriel and Halle take the parenting classes and to ensure that Nahla’s safety and well-being continue. Gabriel absolutely wants to work with Halle, and that hasn’t happened, so he is hopeful that can happen now. Of course, Gabe doesn’t like being accused of hurting his child or anyone, but he knows the truth and that he didn’t do anything the nanny has accused him of. He wants to take this negative and turn it into a positive so that he can be the best father for Nahla,” a “source close to the situation” (aka Gabriel Aubry) tells the website.

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