Prince Charming: Josh Dallas

Handsome Josh Dallas is at the romantic center of Once Upon A Time. Now that we’re heading into winter, the winners and losers of the fall TV season are apparent and one freshman series on the winning side of the ratings game is ABC’s Once Upon A Time. For those who have yet to check it out, the series, which comes from the creative forces that kept Lost afloat for six seasons, focuses on the town of Storybrooke, Maine and the group of fairy tale characters that have been banished there under a memory-erasing spell. So, for example, Snow White (Big Love alum Ginnifer Goodwin) doesn’t know she’s Snow White but thinks she’s sweet schoolteacher Mary Margaret.

Besides garnering strong enough ratings to warrant a full season of episodes, Once also is the one prime time series that has a legitimate Prince Charming. As portrayed by Dallas, the Prince also has had his memory erased and lives as recent amnesiac David Nolan, who clearly is destined to be with Mary Margaret but also happens to have a loving, devoted wife (Anastasia Griffith). With his charming smile and masculine stature, no wonder he’s the Prince Charming on the show!

He first caught my eye when he appeared in one episode of Hawaii Five-0 last season, but caught my attention again when he appeared in one of the few pleasantly surprising films for me this year, Thor. He just had a bit part there as one of Thor’s friends in battle.

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