Teen Heartthrobs: The Wanted

Make no mistake about it: The Wanted are having the time of their lives. Only a year on from their huge Number One debut single ‘All Time Low’ and they have already become one of Britain’s biggest, most brilliant pop bands, living a dream that has far surpassed even their most optimistic expectations and all with their best mates at their side.

The Wanted are a British-Irish boy band. The band consists of Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes. Their debut single, “All Time Low”, was released in July 2010 and reached number one in the United Kingdom for one week. The band’s second number one hit, “Glad You Came”, topped the singles chart in the United Kingdom for two weeks.



Maximillian Alberto “Max” George, has a shaved head, green/hazel eyes the size of galactic moons. Football fanatic (Man City supporter) and sometime player with Man City. Sounds like a geezer, blubs like a girl. “Am I the most masculine member? Maybe! But actually, out of all the boys, I’m the most affectionate (begins fondling Tom’s knee). I know no one cries like I do at films. I’m such a soft arse, especially if it’s about animals. When I was a kid I cried when Jaws died.


Siva Kaneswaran, is half -Irish and half-Sri Lankan. With hair like Elvis, a face like a sculpture in bronze he began modelling at 16,  and was signed to the Storm Agency. The beauty industry taught him: “That there are beautiful people who are absolutely not beautiful inside. Siva spends all of his free time in his home studio, writing and recording tracks or just playing his guitar. With a soft-spoken Irish brogue, he is deceptively serene. Jay: “Seev is very down to Earth. Humble. Very creative. He also brings a sense of balance and culture. And a flute-like singing voice and a green Mini Cooper.”


James “Jay” McGuiness, has hair of curls like a 10 year old boy, and a face of a sensitive poet. Animal lover and lizard owner. Named PETA’s Sexiest Male Vegetarian 2011. Was pleased to note, while supporting Justin Bieber at the O2, “I had a brilliant vegetarian selection, from which I feasted”. Laments the demise of Top Of The Pops. “Back in the day it was Top of the Pops and now you have to get on the morning (news) shows or somehow get on X Factor. We’ve done it once, in a guest slot, but it’s like it’s the new Top Of The Pops times millions, you don’t get those viewing figures on any other program. Which is a joke!”


Thomas Anthony “Tom” Parker has hair like a Britpop guitar player, and a face like a ‘Gillette: The Best A Man Can Get’ model. Studied Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University, dropped out to be “Mark Owen” in Take That tribute band Take That II despite looking nothing like Mark Owen.


Nathan James Sykes,  is proud to admit that he looks like a feature on the website http://www.lesbiansthatlooklikejustinbieber.com (featuring, curiously, Robbie Williams’ teenage eyes).  Doyen of sarcasm and dry humour whose spectacularly rude quips cannot be printed in a family publication. Jay: “He also does great piano playing and has a good set of teeth.” Nathan: “These aren’t fake!” Diehard Manchester United supporter and lover of all good soul and R&B music. Has contemplated calling the Wanted’s second album “Alan”.

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