DL Chronicles: Returns


The DL Chronicles tells the stories of men of color who by consequence and by choice, live sexually duplicitous and secret lifestyles. Narrated by aspiring journalist Chadwick Williams, as he pursues research while authoring a book about MSM (Men who Sleep with Men) aka “The Down Low,” we enter into a provocative and intriguing world of sexual discovery, denial, betrayal, love and loss.

Wes Thomas (Darren Schnase), an upwardly mobile real-estate banker, soon finds himself overwhelmed by the demands of his marriage, career, and closeted attraction to men. When Wes’ sexy but ambivalent brother-in-law Trent Porter (Ty Vincent) stops in for an unexpected stay, he is faced with temptation and ultimately falls for the forbidden fruit.

A closeted talent agent Robert (Terrell Tilford),  falls for a much younger health food store manager named Austin (Kareem Ferguson). They fall in love at first sight and realize that it is their unprecedented relationship they ever had. What Robert fails to share is that he has a daughter, that doesn’t know her father’s real identity. Because of this, Austin pretends to be Robert’s client in order to proceed with the relationship. But the truth is finally discovered by his daughter. Robert misblames Austin with terrible words which badly hurts Austin and their relationship ends. But, at last, Robert obtains his daughter’s understanding, and realizes his huge mistake in ending his relationship with Austin. With honest and touching words, he finally wins Austin back.

Boo (Oneil Cespedes) is an ex-convict, a mooch, and a player who lives his life on the DL. His girlfriend Kesha is fed up with Boo’s cheating and kicks him to the curb. Boo’s mother tells him it’s time to settle down, but Boo is unfazed and continues having sex with multiple partners, including an unprotected romp with Deron (Anthony Clark), his neighborhood friend. But when shocking news rattles Boo, he is forced to reconsider his reckless life on the DL.


Mark (Ulrich Que) and Donte (Colbert Alembert), a loving couple who have been living on the DL, are jolted by the unexpected arrival of Mark ’s thuggish cousin, Terrell, who shows up at their house needing a place to crash. Desperate to keep their relationship a secret, Mark asks his boyfriend to pretend he’s straight. When Dante reluctantly agrees to play the part of Mark’s “roommate” for their new houseguest, a chain of humorous events unfolds, and Mark eventually comes to realize the ridiculous nature of living on the DL in their own home.

Thomas (Gabriel Corbin),  a paralyzed firefighter who was injured while trapped in a burning building. His caretaker Steven (Johanny Paulino), is there to assist and teach Thomas on how to be independent and self reliant. Lastly, there’s Columbus (Ricardo Delarosa) who is Thomas’ former co-worker and best friend.  Columbus also lives in the same building as Thomas.

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  1. April 28, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Wonderful! Congratulations, and more of such.

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