Football Players: Touch Down


Whether you’re a diehard fan of the sport or just love to watch a bunch of sexy men tackle each other, either way you end up cheering your favorite player in tights.  I’ve rounded up some of the sexiest men from the San Francisco 49ers. Sorry for your loss last sunday, there is always next year! Check out the hotties and tell us who’s your favorite:

colin kaepernick-tileColin Kaepernick

Name: Colin Kaepernick

Position:  Quarterback

Why: This tattooed hottie said in a school letter in the fourth grade that he would like to one day play for the San Francisco 49ers. I love a man that can make his dream come true!

Vernon Davis34

Name: Vernon Davis

Position:  Tight End

Why: Single? Sexy physique? Check. He is appealing in more ways than one, but I think his best quality is his sensitivity. After getting benched in the middle of a 2008 game by former San Francisco coach Mike Singletary, Davis was initially insulted. But now, the hunky NFL star wishes he could have thanked Singletary for his actions. “It made me a better man, a better teammate and a better leader for my team. It helped me become the player I am today,” Davis said. What a softy!

Michael Crabtree

Name: Michael Crabtree

Position:  Wide Receiver

Why: Crabtree knows what he wants and goes after it.  Plus I hear he is a fan of the Strip Club. A naughty boy, I like that!

alex boone

Name: Alex Boone

Team: Linebacker

Why we like him: Another giant standing 6 foot 8 inches, he is sexy and easy on the eyes.

Joe Staley Slide


Name: Joe Staley


Team: Offensive Line


Why we like him: He stands a towering 6 feet 5 inches tall. He hosts his own online show, where he interviews his teammates in the locker room.

Jim Harbaugh slide

Name: Jim Harbaugh

Position:  Coach

Why: The second and oldest half of the Harbaugh brothers. There is nothing like 2 sexy brothers.

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