Papi Chulo: Jon Huertas


You have to watch those quiet ones. If most of what you know about Jon Huertas is his work on ABC’Castle as one of the hard-working and often pretty funny detectives on Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic’s) team–and one of Rick Castle’s (Nathan Fillion’s) greatest fans–then you have no idea just how talented this guy is. Huertas is currently portraying Detective Javier Esposito on Castle. He’s an actor, a musician, a producer, and a Tweet monster. And still, we’re just scratching the surface. Quite a guy. Quite a talent. And if all you’ve seen is him on Castle, you haven’t even started to see Jon Huertas.

Huertas is a multifaceted actor and performer whose career spans television, film and music. His stand-out performance in the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries Generation Kill as Sgt. Tony “Poke” Espera.  He has kept busy during hiatus from Castle,  to produce a top-notch short film, “After-School Special,” by writer/director Neil LaBute, which premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Recently Huertas made his debut into the world of music with his single and video, “Sex is the Word…” from the upcoming album Sex Tape.” Huertas wrote, produced and released that single and video, and the album, under his own music label. It’s on YouTube, right here, and to call it hot would be a horrible understatement. Really hot doesn’t even come close. Damn.

Not enough? Huertas is also a habitual and frequently hilarious Twitter monster. As @Jon_Huertas, he’s offered up more than three thousand tweets to more than thirty-nine thousand followers, and he does it almost every day. Even his Twitter description is cool: An Actor Guy on a little hit show called Castle—so I’m a little proud, so what?! Also a Military Veteran and future MMA fighter…what?! I could do it!

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