Blacklisted: Ryan Eggold


First on our list — as it should be on yours — is getting to know the hottest guy on the NBC show Blacklist, Ryan Eggold.  A native of Southern California, he has been a TV fixture since 2006 when he landed the plum role of teacher Ryan Matthews on the remake of 90210.  Eggold one again is cast as a hot teacher, a type-casting I am sure his fans won’t mind. 

One of the show’s important mysteries is whether Eggold’s character Tom Keen, husband to an FBI profiler, is a grade school teacher (as he works) or is some sort of spy or double agent. After several suggestions by Raymond “Red” Redding (James Spader) that Elizabeth Keen’s (Megan Boone) husband might be hiding something, it took a badly stained bloody carpet for her to finally realize her sweet spouse, is keeping secrets.

Eggold pulls off the ambiguity with aplomb, perhaps owing to his low-key charm and sweet-looking face.  And what a sweet face it is!  Framed by light brown hair, his favorite horned rim glasses and usually stubbled to perfection, that face has made him a big success in a tough business. Check out the face and the rest of this 6′ handsome Hollywood veteran who’s not even 30 years old yet.

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